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Information for COCOCHOCO application:

The treatment is suitable for all types and kinds of hair (dyed, streaked, short, long, straight, wavy, broken, etc.). It is recommended to apply Brazilian keratin simultaneously with dyeing your hair (after applying the dye), otherwise at least 2 weeks before dyeing. If you are planning to have your hair cut, we recommend cutting before the application of Brazilian keratin. The application is possible also for extended hair.

The total Brazilian keratin application lasts approximately 1.5-3 hours. This treatment lasts for 3 to 4 months, during this time Brazilian keratin is gradually washed away.

After the application of Brazilian keratin, it is recommended to use also other products from our range to extend the duration of Brazilian keratin in your hair: COCOCHOCO Professional Sulphate-Free Shampoo, COCOCHOCO Professional Conditioner and COCOCHOCO Professional Keratin Hair Mask.

It is ideal to perform repeated application every 3 to 4 months; if necessary, application can be performed more frequently, e.g. once a month.

It is not recommended to apply for pregnant and nursing women, children under the age of 12.

The application procedure:

Uneven application or use of insufficient amount of keratin may cause a risk of damage to your hair as keratin contains active components, which protect hair fibres against high temperatures when ironing.

If excess keratin remains on your hair, ironing may produce unwanted smoke and keratin may get burnt to the ironing surface.

RECOMMENDATION: Perform application in a well-ventilated room; when applying keratin keep your hair away from your face. Take care not to burn your hair with the straightener.

CAUTION: If accidentally swallowed, seek the doctor immediately. In the event that the signs of adverse reactions occur, stop using the product and rinse it from your hair immediately. Store in a cool, dry place and keep out of reach of children.

IMPORTANT: Please, follow the following steps.

  1. Wash your hair twice with the COCOCHOCO Professional Clarifying Shampoo and dry with a towel. Do not use any conditioner.
  2. Dry your hair with a hair dryer set to medium heat, until completely dry.
  3. Comb your hair thoroughly.
  4. Part the hair into manageable sections using hair clips.
  5. Before using, properly shake the keratin, wear gloves and perform the procedure in a well-ventilated room. WHICH TREATMENT TO USE? (Scroll down for answer).
  6. Brush the COCOCHOCO Treatment onto small sections of hair (avoiding the scalp) and comb out the excess. Continue until all the hair has been treated. Please note that using the excess product does NOT result in straighter hair, it just creates unpleasant smoke and fumes.
  7. After 20-30 minutes, blow-dry the hair (away from the face) on medium heat until completely dry. Note: Do not wash your hair – the product must be left on the hair for 3 days / 72 hours.
  8. Iron small sections of the hair 5-7 times using hair straightening irons set at 200°C (medium hair) or 220°C (coarse hair) until your hair is shiny and straight. Take care not to damage the hair with excess heat or repetitions.
  9. Do not wash, tie up or style the hair for 3 days. If hair gets wet, curled or kinked re-straighten it immediately with hot hair irons.
  10. During the 3 days, let your hair hang naturally and freely, do not modify, shape, clip your hair and do not apply any substances.
  11. After 3 days, wash the hair with COCOCHOCO Sulphate-Free Shampoo and conditioner brand COCOCHOCO Professional Conditioner.

For best results, use COCOCHOCO masks and serums.


How to take care of your hair after COCOCHOCO Keratin Therapy?

For the first 72 hours after the treatment:

  • Do not wash your hair for 72 hours
  • Don’t bend or tie your hair in any ways
  • Do not cover your head with anything
  • Use hair straightener occasionally in the morning if your hair curls/ frizzes while sleeping
  • In case the hair gets wet or absorbs too much moisture, blow dry it quickly and straighten.

To wash your hair and prolong treatment effect you will need to use COCOCHOCO Professional Sulphate Free Shampoo. (Sulphate / SLS will wash out Keratin from the hair very quickly). Wash your hair as often as you need. After every wash apply COCOCHOCO Professional Sulphate Free Conditioner. This conditioner is silicone-free. Note that conditioners with silicone will damage the Keratin Treatment coating on the hair).
After washing, blow dry your hair for better results. Try not to use invasive styling products that contain alcohol. In addition, once a week you can use COCOCHOCO Professional Hair Mask. This makes hair extra smooth, soft, shiny and healthy.

Please note that not all Sulphate Free shampoos are suitable for using after COCOCHOCO Treatment and COCOCHOCO does not take responsibility for any other Aftercare brands.